Brochure Template PSD 2


Brochure template psd featuring fresh and welcome style. Our brochure template would be the perfect match for all companies related to healthy lifestyle and nutrition.

Brochure template psd designed in clear and clean style. We’ve made a high-quality print template – 300dpi, CMYK color regulation. Use our free brochure template for all kind of purposes, starting from health to nutrition and fitness.

Using a free brochure template psd is certainly the easiest way out if you are on a low budget or tough schedule. We took care for everything, all layers of this free psd file are properly grouped and named. So, you won’t have any troubles to edit and customize our brochure. All you need is Adobe Photoshop and some basic skills in designing.

Here’s a quick example – if you are about to design a brochure for a spa center, then your are in the right place. Of course, the uses of our brochure are countless, you can take just the layout and use it for practically all kind of purposes.

We have included front page and 6 inner pages. So, that’s pretty much all you need to build your brochure. Feel free to add as much inner pages as you need based on our templates. We took care for the rest – bleeds, regulations and the other stuff are all properly set.

Just remember to keep creative! Don’t use our template as it is. Modify it, change the look and feel to come up with something even better. Always experiment with new techniques and adding other stuff to our templates. Also, take a look at how we did that template. You will certainly learn a lot just by examining our free psd file. And that’s the point, to keep developing your skills, right?

We’ve got lots of brochure freebies in our print templates category. Take a look at them and download as much free psd files as needed.

Brochure Template PSD 2 Preview

Size: 28 x 22 cm
Regulation: 300 dpi
Print Ready: Yes
File Format: PSD
File Size: 1.89 MB
Number of Items in Set: 7
Fonts: Klinic Slab, Maven Pro
Author: Free PSD Files

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  4. Meg Gillis says:

    Can’t seem to find where you download it from . . . ???

  5. Yes, we haven’t included any photos in this template. However, you can download some free photos from here:

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  14. JJ says:

    I would love to know where this mock up of the brochure came from. Could I please have the information so I can purchase it for my mocks ups and download it?

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  16. Just scroll a few pixels down, the download button is situated below the comments.

  17. anhfighter says:


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  22. Eslam Aly says:


  23. فراس اليوسفي اليوسفي says:

    yes !! its very nice

  24. فراس اليوسفي اليوسفي says:

    yes !! its very nice nice

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  26. Stephany Dupont says:

    How do we download it 30 minutes I’m looking for

  27. Be Cao says:


    Very beautifull

  28. ebru enginalev says:


  29. Sormany de Sousa says:

    good work!!!

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  31. priyanka sahi says:

    Hello, where can i contact you? i am looking for some royalty free templates to design a catalog for a client? these ones must be used by lot of people…I would like to contact you privately .. Pls email me at


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  36. Ümit Can says:

    very good

  37. Rashed says:


  38. picasso zico says:

    Very Good!!

  39. The easiest way is to use “Blending Options -> Color Overlay”

  40. htm design says:


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  42. Daniela Eremia says:


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  44. Maggy Sánchez says:


  45. hamzaumutlu says:

    Thanks for the share

  46. hamzaumutlu says:


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  48. seo2websites says:

    Hi thanks a alot…where is your team located?

  49. Burak says:

    cok guzel

  50. MSEMO KINGDOM says:

    how can I download this files

  51. Binaya Shrestha says:

    download from where

  52. Alan Lindemann says:

    thanks very beautifull job!

  53. คุณพ่อ น้องลูกหวาย says:

    Thank you

  54. คุณพ่อ น้องลูกหวาย says:

    good work

  55. Adin Castro says:

    how download the file???

  56. lotfi salhi says:


  57. 이승찬 says:

    simple flier PSD

  58. ads profile says:


  59. Alessio D'Antonio says:

    Complimenti, la layout è molto carina e ssemplice

  60. Thanh says:

    thanks !

  61. Hoa Lá Cỏ says:


  62. Vine Tufanı says:

    very niceee

  63. Nữ Việt says:


  64. Mohammed Montaser says:

    Can’t seem to find where you download it from . . . ???

  65. maeyingyai says:

    thanks very beautifull

  66. Guru says:

    Nice brochure with free download. Thanks for sharing.

  67. Amirul Adli says:

    where’s the link?

  68. ali_cruse says:

    same here… no option to download…

  69. Fang Tung says:

    It’s very beautiful….tks!

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  72. mert says:

    good 10x bro

  73. mert says:

    perfect good bro 10x

  74. mert says:

    hey super bro thank you :)

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    Good job

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