Tri Fold Brochure PSD Template


Tri fold brochure template in clean, elegant style that will present your company services or products more attractively. Both front and back views are included in the free psd file. Our creative brochure can easily fit your needs – you just have to edit the colors, images and the text. All layers are separated and grouped properly. The tri-fold brochure is print ready (CMYK, 300pi).

Free PSD 3 Fold Brochure Preview Big

Free PSD 3 Fold Brochure Preview Big

For quick tri-fold brochure printing visit Next Day Flyers.

Regulation : 300 dpi
Print Ready: Yes
File Format: PSD
File Size: 7,68 MB
Author: Free PSD Files

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    Where to download the template?

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  38. John Wilcox says:

    where is the download???? as much use a chocolate teapot if i can not download it!!

  39. John Wilcox says:

    ok so i risked what looked like a download to something else right at the bottom of this …. what is wrong with making it totally clear where the download is …. clear graphics right …sheeeez

  40. Sarah says:

    How do I get the 2nd page (inside of brochure)? When I download, it only has the outside.

    • Hi Sarah,

      It’s there. You just need to turn off the layer visibility of the front part of the brochure. You can do this by clicking the eye icon on the left of the layers. Then the back/inside of it will appear.

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    Very Good template

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    tri fold free PSD

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    wow! nice design

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    thanks bro

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    how to download?

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    Where to download the template?

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    ? where download ?

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    after the comments

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    great one men

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    Good brochure

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    Hello Sir, can you please tell me where I can find picture with the handshake and star burst? Please and Thank You!

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    Sir, How i can download free psd files……..?

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    Its Good

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    how to download?

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    awsome? but how to download?

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    thanks :x

  106. pwnednoob says:

    Thanks for the template… But why are the 3 sections different widths? If I turn on The Guide lines it shows: Section 1 is 3.827 inches, Section 2 is 3.59 and Section 3 is 4.083 (this is including the bleed). Is there a reason for this?

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    Como se descarga?

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    super olmus

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    Hey Has there been a bi fold brochure made with this same design? Im Looking for it. Thanks

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    where is the download icon. there is none under the comments

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