Software 3D Box PSD Template


Software 3D box psd that looks just perfect. We’ve made another high-quality freebie that could be used to present your software products in just a single click – all you have to do is to replace the smart objects.

Software 3D box psd that would help you to present your product in an eye-catchy way. We’ve made a highly detailed software box that could be used in any project, both web and print related.

Nowadays, it’s extremely popular to showcase your digital product in a software box even if it’s not on a disk, but on the cloud. Designers are still using software boxes as people often need to “see” the product before they make up their mind to buy. So, it’s a really good idea to download our software 3D box even if you don’t need it right now. It will surely come in handy one time or another.

You know that sometimes it’s pretty hard to grab the attention of your viewers, even if you have created a masterpiece. So, we’re here to help. With our software 3D box, you’re covered in all kind of situations. It’s as easy as pie to put your own images to the box. Just replace the smart objects and you are ready to go. It’s that easy, no ninja skills required! All you need is Adobe Photoshop and a few couple of clicks.

We have spared no efforts while creating this software box psd. All elements are polished and look as clean and crisp as possible. Even more, there are no merged layers and flattened effects. So, you don’t have to go the long way of creating a software box on your own. Just head to the download section and grab our freebie now!

We also have a software box with a DVD disk in front of the box. It’s a high-quality psd template that will give a realistic look to your digital products. Download it even if you don’t need it right now, it may come in handy sooner or later.

Software 3D Box PSD Template Preview

Software 3D Box PSD Template Preview

Resolution: 1146×697px
File Format: PSD
File Size: 8.00 MB
Fonts: Maven Pro
Number of Items in Set: 2
Author: Free PSD Files

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15 Responses to Software 3D Box PSD Template

  1. Rokky says:

    ok ok ok

  2. tiomas says:


  3. jayne says:

    Can anyone help me with this template in PS? I am DESPERATE!

  4. Ahmed Shehata says:


  5. Only if you plan to share our freebie on your website/blog.

  6. Thanks! I was looking for it.

  7. Hamada Khair says:


  8. Jonatas Kbça says:

    The best!

  9. Ashley Smith says:

    The reflection isn’t updating after saving the smart objects edits I’ve done, I still see the original with the badge in the reflection though I’ve turned that off. How do I fix this? Does anyone have an action script to do such reflections? Thanks!

    • Ashley Smith says:

      Please reply!

    • Hi Ashley!

      If you want, you can send us your PSD and we will make the reflection for you.

      Or you can check out this tutorial:


      Let me know if you have any questions.

      • Ashley Smith says:

        Thanks for the link! I was expecting the reflection to be automatically updated as the other layers for box cover, side etc when you edited. I guess this isn’t the case and you have to redo the reflection in a new layer overtime. No worries, this is a really cool design! :)

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