10 Colorful Backgrounds Set



Colorful backgrounds set made in high resolution. We’ve packed 10 backgrounds in this set and now we share all files with you for free!

Colorful backgrounds set containing some of the most vivid and visually appealing backgrounds you’ll ever find on the web. We’ve designed 10 backgrounds and included all of them in this massive pack, where each one of them is made in high resolution. Download our freebies even if you don’t need them now, they will surely come in handy one time or another.

Our colorful backgrounds could be used for any project you’d like, be it web or print related. So, if you are about to design a kids game for example, then we’ve covered you pretty much with the background! Use any of these backgrounds to make your projects look more animated and fun!

We haven’t included different color variations for these backgrounds, but we’re sure that you won’t have any troubles to play with the hue/saturation tool and create new versions of our backgrounds. Always experiment and try new colors and effects. Please share with us what you’ve done so far by using our freebies! We’ll be happy to see what you’ve come up with. Feel free to do that in our Facebook, Google+ and Twitter pages.

Of course, we’ve got tons of backgrounds in our backgrounds category. Pick as much graphics and images as you need, they all come free of charge! Just remember to credit us back with a link to our website if you plan to share our freebie in your blog or website.

10 Colorful Backgrounds Set

10 Colorful Backgrounds Set

Resolution: 1600×1200px
File Format: JPG
File Size: 1.710 MB
Number of Items in Set: 10
Author: Free PSD Files

Note that if you want to spread the word about our freebie, you need to link back to this post. Links to download page or download archive are not allowed.


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  1. Dody says:

    Thank you freepsdfiles :)
    Greetings from Romania!

  2. Wow nice background! :)

  3. Hipp Idea's Artists says:


  4. Von, just scroll down a few pixels and hit the “Free Download” button.

  5. Marcos Paulo Correa says:

    Thank you, The Best site psd Greetings from Brasil

  6. hudsson says:

    cool stuffs.. am liking this.. thankyou!

  7. Italia Ruiz says:

    todo esta muy lindo, pero no pude descargar nada…. no explican donde esta el link de descarga y vaya que somos varios en el mismo problema y nadie responde la duda…

  8. munich visit says:

    Well Done

  9. fevzi eser says:


  10. fevzi eser says:

    dowland link ??

  11. PW FP says:


  12. Burak says:

    cok guzell

  13. Burak says:

    Thank you very good

  14. Burak says:

    cok tesekkurler

  15. Mohammed. says:


  16. Justo Sierra says:

    As lower

  17. Lekmiti Djed says:

    thank you

  18. Lekmiti Djed says:

    Thank you

  19. Shehab Hitech says:

    Thank you soooo much..

  20. Shehab Hitech says:

    Thank you

  21. Adriano Seixas says:


  22. Juhász Zoltán says:

    Download link???

  23. Kingdom says:

    Thanks nice set.

  24. Thibaut Lefebvre says:

    Hello how to buy high resolution of one file : the number 5 with the beautiful circle… And how much is it ?

  25. Mahmoud Nazzal says:

    Thank you

  26. filimiks says:

    Thanks a lot :)

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