23 Free PSD Nature Backgrounds: Abstract, Watercolor, Realistic



Spring is already here and we’ve been seeing more and more nature inspired designs across the web. Today’s collection is all about how beautiful nature is. We’ve gathered 23 free PSD nature backgrounds designed in all kinds of styles. You will find abstract backgrounds, watercolor backgrounds, realistic backgrounds, cartoon backgrounds and more, all inspired by nature.

These backgrounds are available in well-arranged and layered PSD files, so all you need is some basic Photoshop skills to add, remove, edit, change the colors or sizes of the elements. Feel free to adjust these free PSD nature backgrounds as much as you like, so they fit your taste. Here we go:

1. An abstract fully-layered PSD nature background in 4992x3320px

abstract nature background free psd

2. Green abstract background PSD freebie with leaves in 4992x3320px

green leaves nature free psd background

3. Summer background with the ocean and palm leaves. Fully layered, comes in 2598×1689.

summer_nature background 2598x1689

4. Spring nature background with flowers and Easter eggs, coming in a fully layered PSD in 1242x810px.

easter nature background

5. A free-to-download PSD background in 1242x810px presenting a nice nature illustration with little girls.

free psd layered nature illustration

6. Fully layered free PSD background of a green tree in 1242x810px.

fully layered green tree background psd

7. Jungle and lotus pool background in a fully layered PSD file coming in 1242x810px resolution.

nature jungle background free psd layered


8. Grasshopper and a trick tree free and fully layered PSD background in 1242x810px resolution.

thick tree and a bug fully layered psd background

9. Nature watercolor background coming in layered free PSD with 3000x3000px resolution.

watercolor nature background free PSD


10. Watercolor tree with birds and butterflies. Comes in a fully layered PSD file with 4500x3000px resolution.

clear_style_of_handpainted_green_trees_psd_layered_images 4500x3000


11. Beautiful watercolor nature background coming in a fully layered PSD file, free to download. Resolution: 3189x2362px.fully layered watercolor nature background PSD 3189x2362


12. Watercolor hand-drawn green trees in a fully layered PSD background that comes for free and 3000×3000 px resolution.

watercolor trees free PSD background


13. Hand-drawn green leaves watercolor style in 3000x3000px

psd_layered watercolor green leaves

14. Beautiful fully layered PSD background with nature elements and smiley faces in 2000x1314px.

green nature with smiles free psd background 2000x1314

15. Layered bamboo background that comes in free PSD file with 800x600px resolution


16. An abstract nature background with hot air balloons. The Psd file is free to download and comes in 1772x1134px.

dream_green_life_psd_layered_02 1772x1134


17. A fully layered nature background coming in 3543x3100px. Feel free to remove and add elements according to your taste.

fully layered country house background


18. Spring PSD background in 1800x1184px. Being fully layered with named, feel free to add or remove elements.

spring background fully layered psd 1800x1184

19. Peaceful nature composition that comes in a free PSD file with 1750x1150px resolution.

beautiful nature background_psd 1750x1150


20. Swans in lake beautiful nature background in a free PSD file. Resolution: 2000x1400px

swans in lake nature background layered psd 2000x1400px

21. Fully layered green field PSD background, free to download in 3000×1995 px resolution.

green field fully layered psd file


22. Free and fully layered PSD nature background with green fields, a tree and city in the distance. Resolution: 2250x1497px.

nature background outside city free psd background 2250x1497


23. Beautiful wide tree and a bench underneath. The background comes in 3500×2300 px resolution and is free to download.

Scenery Wide Tree free psd background 3500x2300

We hope you loved our collection of 23 free PSD nature backgrounds presented in plenty of styles. We can’t wait to see your spring and summer designs. Stay tuned! More PSD freebies are coming soon.

*FreePSDFiles does not own the rights on these artworks and the following are not under the licence policy of FreePSDFiles. All graphics in this post link to their original sources, where you can download them for free and read further information on licence policy from the provider.