Stamp Graphic PSD Template


Stamp graphic psd template made in simple but yet attractive style. We’ve designed our freebie with close attention to every detail, so you will surely stand out from the crowd. Feel free to use the stamp graphics on your next design project.

Stamp graphic psd templates are always needed both for print and web projects. That’s mainly because stamps used to be extremely popular in the past. People used them into their documents, papers and envelopes. And most importantly, each stamp used to have an individual design and belonged only to one person. Nowadays, stamps are mostly used as graphics in web and print projects. Designers place stamps all over their websites, brochures, banners and almost anywhere. So, a stamp graphic psd would be really useful for your designs, wouldn’t it?

Generally, stamps add elegant and trustworthy atmosphere wherever they are applied to. Moreover, our stamp graphic psd is made with attention to every detail. That’s why we guarantee that you will impress your clients by applying our graphics to your artworks. For example, place the stamp graphic to a product that needs more attention. This way you can inform your visitors that this product is on sale and has a discounted price. The uses of our stamp are really countless. You are limited only by your imagination, so grab our free psd file and customize it as you feel best.

Always customize our freebies, that’s the only way to keep developing your design skills and have an unique and original look. But don’t worry, it’s not that hard to change the look and feel of our freebies. You need just some basic skills and Adobe Photoshop. No ninja graphic design skills required. We kept the entire structure of the psd file intact, so you can change colors, effects in just a few clicks. Moreover, you can examine the way we’ve made this freebie and apply the same techniques to your own projects. This way you will get a new skill every time you download a freebie. So, go ahead now, download our freebie and apply it into your own designs!

Wax seal stamp psd could also come in handy. Download this psd file for free and use it anywhere you’d like. It is suitable for both web and print projects.

Stamp Graphic PSD Template Preview

Stamp Graphic PSD Template Preview

Resolution: 662×650px
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Fonts: Deming
Author: Free PSD Files

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