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Restaurant menu PSD template suitable for all kind of eateries, eating houses, fast foods, cafes and any other businesses that prepare and serve food and drinks. Download our free menu PSD now!

Restaurant menu PSD template designed in fresh and welcome style. We have made an A5 menu template that will certainly come in handy for the majority of restaurant businesses.

So, if you happen to be a small restaurant that needs a menu template, then you’re in the right place. Our restaurant menu PSD comes free of charge and is ready to print. That’s certainly the easiest way out if you are on a tight schedule or on a low budget.

We have included front, back and inner page templates. So, that’s pretty much all you need to build your menu. Just add as much inner pages as needed. We took care for the rest – bleeds, regulations and the other stuff are all properly set.

Moreover, we have created a logo template especially for this restaurant menu. You can even take just the logo and use it on other projects. And these could be not only print materials, but also web designs, banners and emails.

There are only free fonts used in our restaurant menu PSD. So, don’t worry for any extra editing fees. Download the free PSD file and use it as you need.

Just remember to keep creative! Don’t use our template as it is. Modify it, change the look and feel to come up with something even better. Always experiment with new techniques and adding other stuff to our templates. Also, take a look at how we did that template. You will certainly learn a lot just by examining our free PSD file. And that’s the point, to keep developing your skills, right?

Size: A5 (14,8 x 21 cm)
266 dpi
Lavanderia, Geared
File Format: PSD
File Size: 5.610 MB
Number of Items in Set: 3
Author: Free PSD Files

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Restaurant Menu PSD Template Preview

42 Responses to Restaurant Menu PSD Template

  1. jesus ismael valencia says:

    nice template

  2. ebruli freelance says:

    thank you

  3. Asem Mamdouh says:

    nice work

  4. mickay says:

    hi! how do i download this?

  5. mickay says:

    hi! how do i download this?

  6. mickay says:

    Hi there,

    I find your menu very interesting and very pretty. How do i download this? :D

  7. Sure, what do you need to change?

  8. vdrumsroland says:

    I’ve downloaded both the PSD & free font. How do I edit the txt? It’s coming up as FX and is not editable without erasing/deleting it. Also, It appears that the “salad” txt is actually a vector, not txt. If I am to delete what is there and replace it with my own txt, what is the font for the “yourname” and menu items?

  9. Patricia van Dun says:

    dank je wel (dutch) = thank you

  10. Jeffry Josh says:


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  12. renzo says:

    Excellent Menu, im really surprise!!

  13. renzo says:


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  15. Sven Wedler says:


  16. Herby Black says:

    thank you, nice template

  17. aob says:

    thanks miarma!

  18. Atilgan Eren says:

    thank you, nice template

  19. mikaltennant says:


  20. Fatal Error says:

    Thank You

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  24. Bùi Định says:

    cám ơn bạn nhiều

  25. Quang Anh says:

    thank you very much

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  28. Daniel Cotta says:

    How can download???
    Here is the link? :S

  29. Nguyễn Phan Như Ngọc says:

    Thanks very much.

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