Free Vector Wizard Characters Collection: Vol. 1


A graphic collection of free vector wizard characters, magicians, mages, warlocks, or enchanters. Being fully layered and high-quality, these vector illustrations are designed in various styles and are super easy to customize. This vector wizard compilation includes:

  • A long-bearded wizard holding a crystal ball wizard stick with one hand, and his grayish long beard with the other one. This vector wizard wears a witchy hat, wizard long coat, a cape, gloves, and has bags of herbs on his belt.
  • A magician with a rabbit vector illustration. This young magician vector is dressed in a formal magician outfit and a long cape. He holds a frowning rabbit and a top hat.
  • A vector cartoon mage with a witchy hat, a cape, gloves, magical cuffs, illustrated with a belt and bags of herbs.
  • A vector wizard with a crystal ball magical stick, dressed in a long wizard garment, and a pointy hat, illustrated performing magic.
  • A vector magician boy with a crystal ball illustrated while doing a magical trick. This boy magician wears a formal outfit with a bow tie, a cape and a top hat.
  • An enchanter vector cartoon holding and reading a book of spells. This cartoon magician wears a long cape,a pointy witchy hat, gloves, boots and a belt with herb bags.

This collection of free vector wizard characters is available for a free download. They are all ready to use but you are free to customize them so that they can fit your needs. Put these vector wizards in any web projects, presentations, designs, or print work.



File Format: AI
File Size: 10.1 MB
Number of Items in Set: 6

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