Robot Vector Character Set 1


Robot vector character set featuring 6 awesome types of robots – one wheeled robot, flying robot, vintage, high-tech, baby robot and classic robot. Download this massive set of robots now for free!

Robot vector characters made by the creative team of That’s a wonderful set of 6 free robot characters that could come in handy anytime. Use these robots both on web and print projects, each robot is made in vectors, so you could rescale them to billboard proportions for example with no worries.

Here’s good idea of how these robots could be useful for your projects. If you are building a website for example, you can take one of these robots and put it in a slider carousel. Then, add some text and a call to action button, and you are pretty much ready to go. Of course, you have 6 robot vectors to experiment with, so you could come up with much creative ideas than that.

This free psd file is made of vector objects only. These objects are linked to Adobe Illustrator, so if you need to make any changes, you’d need that vector editor. Otherwise, if you only plan to rescale up or down, you won’t need anything else than Adobe Photoshop.

Take a look at these stock robot characters. They are really useful, as there are more than 100 poses included in each set.

This free psd set contains 6 types of robots:

  • One wheeled robot;
  • Flying robot;
  • Classic robot;
  • Baby robot;
  • Vintage robot;
  • High-tech robot.
Robot Vector Character Set

Robot Vector Character Set

Resolution: 1229×1260px
File Format: PSD
File Size: 1.41 MB
Number of Items in Set: 6
Author: Free PSD Files

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