Vector Women with Laptop Set


Vector women with laptop set containing four different illustrations, made in a fun and unique style. You can use these characters in any of your projects, so go ahead and download our freebie now!


Vector women with laptop set that will help you liven up your designs. This free set includes four different vector women illustrations such as:

  • Blonde businesswoman with laptop on desk
  • Brunette girl sitting with Notebook
  • Blonde businesswoman with laptop sitting on books
  • Blonde girl on couch with laptop

They also come with their own backgrounds, which is meant to make your job easier.

These great character illustrations are suitable for any kind of project you might be working on. You could use them on brochures, presentations, posters and more. Using a vector character is a great way to add some real personality to your artworks and catch the eye of many.

This free set is made of vector objects only, you can resize them as you wish without any quality loss.

The objects in the psd are linked to the Adobe Illustrator program. This means that if you want to run the extra mile and make any changes to the character, you’d need that vector editor and some experience with it. Otherwise, you won’t need anything else than Adobe Photoshop.

Even if you don’t need them right now, good looking characters are always needed and you never know when they will come in handy.

Download the vector women with laptop set absolutely for free by clicking the download button below.

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Vector Women with Laptop Set

Vector Women with Laptop Set

Resolution: 808×962px
File Format: PSD
File Size: 1.15 MB
Number of Items in Set: 4
Author: Free PSD Files

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