Free PSD Ribbon Set


Free psd ribbon set containing 4 different templates. We’ve made an awesome set that could really help you to grab the attention of your audience. Use our ribbon templates in websites, banners, brochures and anything else that needs eye-catchy graphics.

Free psd ribbon set suitable for both web and print projects. There are 4 ribbon templates included in this set which is all you need for your designs. If you need to make modifications, don’t worry – we’ve made this free psd file easy to edit. Just use Adobe Photoshop and take our ribbons to the next level.

Our ribbon templates are clean, simple and colorful. This will really help you to direct your visitor’s attention. So, if you are running a website and need a call to action element, just download our ribbon set. Then, use any of the ribbon templates to point to your promotions, discounts, featured products and daily deals.

We’ve showed you only 4 color variations of our ribbons. Of course, you can set your own color on each one of the templates. Just open the psd file with Adobe Photoshop and apply the color that you need. Then, if you’ve made something really cool, please share it with us on any of our social pages: Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

More ribbon templates that would be useful for your designs:

Free PSD Ribbon Set Preview

Free PSD Ribbon Set Preview

Resolution: 787×1085px
File Format: PSD
Number of Items in Set: 4
File Size: 0.332 MB
Author: Free PSD Files

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